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Photographie familliale dans votre quotidien

Markdown Demo Content

This page contains examples of markdown, which allows you to add basic text formatting to your page content. Although you can also use html, we recommend markdown because it is easy to read, faster to write and prevents html code mistakes which could break the page layout.


The above is a ```


h3>``` header tag, because it is preceded with three #hash characters. Use hashes # before any text on a new line to identify what header size you want to use.


Surround any text with double-asterisks to make it bold.
Some bold text here
(shortcut cmd-b)


Surround any text with asterisks to make it italic.
Some italic text here
(shortcut cmd-i)


Create links by surrounding the link text in brackets, followed by the link inside parenthesis:
(shortcut cmd-k)
Optionally, just add the link itself inside angle brackets to auto-link it:


Embed images by using the following code. The text within brackets refers to the hidden image "alt" tag, while the text within parenthesis refers to image src path. Tip! Use /content/3.portfolio/accueil/ to refer the path of the current page, for example ![title](/content/3.portfolio/accueil//file.jpg)
Agent Smith
(shortcut cmd-alt-i)


Create a list by adding a dash - in front of any text on a new line. Lists can be continued by simply clicking enter to add a new item. * Lists must be start after an empty line.
(shortcut cmd-l)

  • First item
  • Second item
  • Third item
  1. First item
  2. Second item
  3. Third item

Combine Markdown

You can easily combine markdown tags naturally.

  • List item with bold
  • Some text which is bold AND italic
  • Some bold link


Add blockquotes by preceding text on a new line with the > tag.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi eget sem et dui pulvinar aliquam. Etiam sit amet nulla erat. Mauris aliquam euismod tellus, ac varius velit tincidunt ut.

Horizontal Rule

Add a horizontal rule simply by placing three dashes - on a new line:


The editor comes with several useful keyboard-commands:

  • alt-p preview mode.
  • alt-f toggle fullscreen.
  • alt-r empty content.
  • cmd-s save page.
  • cmd-z undo last edit.
  • cmd-shift-z redo last undo.


Need to use plain html syntax? No problem.

This is a header

Just add any html content, no problem.